Ease your worries! Stone
Ease your worries! Stone
Ease your worries! Stone

Ease your worries! Stone

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Creating the time, space and tools for kids to love themselves.

These Worry stones can help to create a positive mental attitude, create calm and balance, soothe anxiety and ease worry.

Worry stones have been used for centuries, in various countries. The key concept of a worry stone is that by holding or rubbing it, it promotes calm, eases anxiety, depression and negativity. 

The stones that make up the Worry stone are

Amethyst - Trust -Intuition - Spirituality

Grey Agate - Acceptance - Increased Concentration - Confidence

Blue Lapis - Mentally Balancing - Eases and Relaxes the Mind 

Green Aventurine - Growth Crystal - Development and Creation

Golden Himalayan Quartz - Keep calm under pressure - Meditation - Shield from Negativity

Orange Aventurine - Manifest- Good Luck - Helps to quiet the judgmental inner voice 

Red Jasper - Strength and Stamina - Aids spiritual growth - Stimulates energy

Every stone is hand made and comes with a handy how-to use card. Each stone is between 3.9-4.3 cm (sizes and shade of stone varies due to it being handmade and a natural product)

I am a certified Energist and Angel healer so each Worry stone will be intuitively picked for each individual and charged with angelic healing.

From time to time your crystal will require cleansing please leave out or on a window sill during a full moon or in the sun to cleanse and re-charge.